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Drivers United for Global Change

The International Alliance of App-Based Transport Workers

Who we are

In January 2020, app-based drivers from sixteen countries and six continents convened in Oxford, England, to launch an international federation of driver organisations. Together we committed to advancing the rights of drivers and the dignity of our profession across the globe, by working together, across political, geographic, and company boundaries, to build real power for drivers and other app-based transport workers.

Our IAATW has to three key objectives:

  1. To develop and execute global campaigns - launched at the global and local levels - against app-based multinationals, to advance our rights and dignity,

  2. To build and expand our capacity to organise ourselves into strong, grassroots organisations and unions, in every continent, and

  3. To build solidarity, cooperation and knowledge across all our affiliated organisations to increase our capacity to take on both local driver issues as well as the global industry.

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